“Adapt” (publication adapting) (future) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Adapt” (the verb, as in a subject modifying a publication, in the future tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) N7awal

(You) T7awal

(You, plural) T7awlou

(He) Y7awal

(She) T7awal

(We) N7awlou

(They) Y7awlou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

نحوّل (I)

تحوّل (You)

تحوّلو (You, plural)

يحوّل (He)

تحوّل (She)

نحوّلو (We)

يحوّلو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“I don’t know how to adapt the text in a more plausible way.”

Mana3rach kifeh n7awal l nass bech ykoun we9i3i akthar.

.مانعرش كيفاه نحوّل النصّ بش يكون واقعي أكثر

“I can adapt this poem to a song.”

Najjam n7awal l 9asida l ghneya.

.نجّم نحوّل القصيدة لغناية

“Can you adapt the book in a TV-series?”

Tnajjam t7awal l kteb l mousalsal?

تنجّم تحوّل الكتاب لمسلسل؟

“How will you adapt the music theme to this scene?”

Kifeh bech t7awal l ghneya bech terkeb 3al scène hedhi?

كيفاه بش تحوّل الغناية بش تركب عالسين هذي؟

“This production company will adapt her novel to the screen.”

Charikat el entej hedhi bech t7awal ktebha lel écran.

.شركة الانتاج هذي بش تحوّل كتابها للايكران

“The writer will adapt his book in order to be read by kids.”

(m) El keteb bech y7awal fi ktebou bech ynajjmou ya9raweh essghar.

(f) El ketba bech t7awal fi ktebha bech ynajjmou ya9raweh essghar.

.الكاتب بش يحوّل في كتابو بش ينجّمو يقراوه الصغار (m)

.الكاتبة بش تحوّل في كتابها بش ينجّمو يقراوه الصغار (f)

“We would like to adapt your play for television.”

N7ebbou n7awlou l masra7iya mte3ek l 7aja teta3radh fel talvza.

.نحبّو نحوّلو مسرحيتك لحاجة تتعرض في التلفزة

“Can you both adapt your paper in order to be published?”

Tnajjmou ezzouz t7awlou ma9alkom bech yetenchar?

تنجّمو انتوما الزوز تحوّلو مقالكم بش يتنشر؟

“The producers are not willing to adapt this book into a movie.”

El mo5rjin mahomch newin y7awlou l kteb hedha l film.

.المخرجين ماهمش ناوين يحوّلو الكتاب هذا لفيلم


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