“Aren’t you?” in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Aren’t you?” (as in, are you not?) is written using the Latin script as:

(singular) Makch?

(plural) Makomch?

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

ماكش؟ (singular)

ماكمش؟ (plural)

Listen to these two words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“Aren’t you tired yet?”

(singular) (m) Mezelt makch te3eb?

(singular) (f) Mezelt makch te3ba?

(plural) Mezeltou makomch te3bin?

 مازلت ماكش تاعب؟ (m) (singular)

مازلت ماكش تاعبة؟ (f) (singular)

مازلتو ماكش تاعبين؟ (plural)

“Aren’t you up yet?”

(singular) (m) Mezelt makch fey9a?

(singular) (f) Mezelt makch fey9a?

(plural) Mezeltou makomch fey9in?

مازلت ماكش فايق؟ (m) (singular)

مازلت ماكش فايقة؟ (f) (singular)

مازلتو ماكمش فايقين؟ (plural)

“Aren’t you waking up early tomorrow?”

(singular) Makch bech t9oum bekri ghodwa?

(plural) Makomch bech t9oumou bekri ghodwa?

ماكش بش تقوم بكري غدوة؟ (singular)

ماكمش بش تقومو بكري غدوة؟ (plural)

“Aren’t you going to be back soon?”

(singular) Makch bech tarja3 3ala 9rib?

(plural) Makomch bech tarj3ou 3ala 9rib?

ماكش بش ترجع على قريب؟ (singular)

ماكمش بش ترجعو على قريب؟ (plural)

“Aren’t you going to leave for the airport on Sunday?”

(singular) Makch bech temchi lel matar nhar la7ad?

(plural) Makomch bech temchiw lel matar nhar la7ad?

ماكش بش تمشي للمطار نهار الأحد؟ (singular)

ماكمش بش تمشيو للمطار نهار الأحد؟ (plural)


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