“Charity”, “Charities” in Turkish

In Turkish, “Charity” (the noun, as in a not-for-profit organization) is written as:

Hayır kurumu

In Turkish, “Charities” (the noun) is written as:

Hayır kurumları

Listen to these two terms pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

I volunteer at a local charity.

Yerel bir hayır kurumunda gönüllüyüm.

I’ll donate to your charity.

Hayır kurumuna bağış yapacağım.

Will you donate to our charity?

Hayır kurumumuza bağışta bulunur musunuz?

My mother works at a charity.

Annem bir hayır kurumunda çalışıyor.

There are three charities I typically support.

Genelde desteklediğim üç hayır kurumu var.

In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

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“Charity”, “Charities” (nouns) in Tunisian Arabic

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