“Eating” (present) in Greek

In Greek, “Eating” (the verb, in the present tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Troo

(You) Tros

(You, formal) Trote

(You, plural) Trote

(He, She, It) Troei

(We) Trome

(They) Trone

Using the Greek alphabet, it is written as:

(I) Τρώω

(You) Τρως

(You, formal) Τρώτε

(You, plural) Τρώτε

(He, She, It) Τρώει

(We) Τρώμε

(They) Τρώνε

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements


I am eating a sandwich for lunch.

Troo ena sandwich gia mesimeriano.

Τρώω ένα σάντουιτς για μεσημεριανό;


I’m not eating meat these days.

Den troo kreas aftes tis meres.

Δεν τρώω κρέας αυτές τις μέρες.


(future tense) “Are you eating out tonight?

Tha fate ekso simera?

Θα φάτε έξω σήμερα;


Where are you two eating lunch?

Pou tha fate eseis oi dio mesimeriano?

Που θα φάτε εσείς οι δύο μεσημεριανό;


She is eating dinner with her family.

Tis aresei na troei vradino me tin oikogeneia tis.

Της αρέσει να τρώει βραδινό με την οικογένεια της.


He loves eating pizza.

Tou aresei na troei pitsa.

Του αρέσει να τρώει πίτσα.


”He’s not eating with his colleagues today.”

Den tha faei me tous sinadelfous tou simera.

Δεν θα φάει με τους συναδέλφους του σήμερα.


”We enjoy eating ice cream.”

Mas aresei na trome pagoto.

Μας αρέσει να τρώμε παγωτό.


”They are eating at the cafe.”

Trone stin kafeteria.

Τρώνε στην καφετέρια.


”The kids are eating their favourite snacks.”

Ta paidia trone to agapimeno tous snak.

Τα παιδιά τρώνε το αγαπημένο τους σνακ.


In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

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