“Forty-three” (43) in Egyptian Arabic

In Egyptian Arabic, “Forty-three” is written using the Latin script as:

Talatah w 2rba3en

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

تلاتة و اربعين

When “43” is written numerically using the Arabic script, it is written as:


Listen to this number pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

I’m 43 years old.

Ana 3ndy 43 sanah.

.انا عندى ٤٣ سنة

I’ve lived in this house for 43 years.

Ana 3e4t felbet dh 43 sanah.

.انا عيشت فالبيت ده ٤٣ سنة

My parents have been married for 43 years.

Ahly metgawzen mn 43 sanah.

.اهلي متجوزين من ٤٣ سنة

That was a total of 43 push-ups!

Dh klo kan 43 3adet da5t!

!ده كله كان ٤٣ عدت ضغط

I biked 43 kilometres this morning.

Ana m4et belmotocycle 43 kilo 2nhrda el sob7.

.انا مشيت بالموتوسيكل ٤٣ كيلو انهردة الصبح


In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

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