“Friendly” in Turkish

In Turkish, “Friendly” (the adjective) is written as:

Cana yakın
(Editor’s note: In Turkish other common words/terms in the adjective form that mean “Friendly” are:

  • Arkadaş canlısı — Another term for Friendly
  • Dostane — Means Friendly but in the context of a close friend
  • Dost canlısı — Also means Friendly in a close-friend context
  • Samimi — Means someone that’s sincere or genuine

The above alternative words can be used in both the singular and plural forms.)

Listen to this term pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

That cat is friendly.

Şu kedi cana yakın.

Is the cat friendly?

Kedi cana yakın mı?

He is friendly.

O cana yakın.

Those people were really friendly!

O insanlar gerçekten cana yakındı!

Your mother is so friendly!

Annen çok cana yakın!

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