“Hung up” (past) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Hung up” (the verb, in the past tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) 3ala9t

(You) 3ala9t

(You, plural) 3ala9tou

(He) 3ala9

(She) 3al9et

(We) 3ala9na

(They) 3al9ou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

علقت (I)

علقت (You)

علقتو (You, plural)

علق (He)

علقت (She)

علقنا (We)

علقو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“I hung up about five minutes ago.”

3ala9t 3andi draj akeka.

.علقت عندي درج أكاكا

“No, I didn’t hang up on you. “

Le, ma 3ala9tch 3lik.

.لا، ما علقتش عليك

“Why did you hang up? I wanted to talk to her too.”

3leh 3ala9t? 7abit na7ki m3aha 7atena.

.علاه علقت؟ حبيت نحكي معاها حتانا

“Did you two hang up the phone? “

3ala9tou entouma zouz talifoun?

علقتو انتوما الزوز تاليفون؟

“I think he hung up on me!”

Dhaharli 3ala9 3leya!

!ظاهرلي علق عليا

“She said goodbye to her friend then hung up the phone.”

9alet bye l sa7ebha mba3ed 3al9et el talifoun.

.قالت باي لصحبها مبعد علقت التاليفون

“We hung up the phone after we finished discussing the details with them.”

3ala9na el talifoun mba3ed ma kamalna tne9echna 3ala les details m3ahom.

 .معاهم les details علقنا التاليفون مبعد ما كملنا تناقشنا على

“They hung up a few minutes ago.”

3al9ou bekri chwaya.

.علقو بكري شوية


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