“Laughing” (present) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Laughing” (the verb, in the present tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) (m) 9e3ed nedh7ak

(I) (f) 9e3da nedh7ak

(You) (m) 9e3ed tedh7ak

(You) (f) 9e3da tedh7ak

(You, plural) 9e3din tedha7kou

(He) 9e3ed yedh7ak

(She) 9e3da tedh7ak

(We) 9e3din nedha7kou

(They) 9e3din nedha7kou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

قاعد نضحك (m) (I)

قاعدة نضحك (f) (I)

قاعد تضحك (m) (You)

 قاعدة تضحك (f) (You)

قاعدين تضحكو (You, plural)

قاعد يضحك (He)

قاعدة تضحك (She)

قاعدين نضحكو (We)

قاعدين يضحكو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“I’m laughing because…”

(m) 9e3ed nedh7ak 3la khater…

(f) 9e3da nedh7ak 3la khater…

…قاعد نضحك على خاطر (m)

…قاعدة نضحك على خاطر (f)

“Why are you laughing?”

(m) 3la chnou 9e3ed tedh7ak?

(f) 3la chnou 9e3da tedh7ak?

على شنو قاعد تضحك؟ (m)

على شنو قاعدة تضحك؟ (f)

“Why are you two laughing?”

3la chnou 9e3din tedha7kou?

على شنوقاعدين تضحكو؟

“He is laughing at his brother’s funny story.”

9e3ed yedh7ak 3al 7keya li 7kehelou khouh.

.قاعد يضحك عالحكاية اللي حكاهالو خوه

“She is laughing at her boyfriend’s funny jokes.”

Tedh7ak 3al noukat mta3 sa7ebha.

.تضحك عالنكت متع صاحبها

(at a restaurant) “That table is laughing a lot.”

Elli fettawla heki yedha7kou barcha.

.اللي في الطاولة هاكي يضحكو برشا

“We are laughing at this video.”

9e3din nedha7kou 3al video hedha.

 .قاعدين نضحكو عالفيديو هذا

“No, we’re not laughing. The laughter is coming from the other room.”

Manech 9e3din nedha7kou, essout jey mel bit lokhra.

.ماناش قاعدين نضحكو،الصوت جاي مالبيت لخرى

“They are laughing a lot.”

9e3din yedha7kou barcha.

.قاعدين يضحكو برشا


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