“Mom” in Tunisian Arabic


In Tunisian Arabic, “Mom” is written using the Latin script as:


In Tunisian Arabic, using the Arabic script, it is written as:


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Examples in sentences or statements

“My Mom has five sisters.”

Omi 3ndeha 5amsa 5wet.

.امي عندها خمسة خوات


“My Mon is retired.”

Omi mt9a3da.

.امي متقاعدة


“What is your Mom’s name?”

Chnwa esm omk?

شنوى اسم امك ؟


“How did your Mom and Dad originally meet?”

Kifech t9ablou omk w bouk?

كفاش تقابلو امك و بوك ؟


“Your Mom is always fun to talk.”

Omk ma7leha fi lklem dima.

.امك محلاها في الكلام ديما


This word in other Arabic dialects

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