“Now” in Turkish

In Turkish, “Now” is written as:

(Editor’s note: In Turkish, to describe the present moment in a general situation, the word Şimdi is used. When circumstances change that cause the present moment to arise (e.g., a new decision is made), the word commonly used to denote the present moment is Artık.)

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Examples in sentences or statements

“I’ll call the technician now.”

Şimdi teknisyeni arayacağım.

“I’m ready to chat now.”

Artık sohbet etmeye hazırım.

“I’m ready to go now.”

Şimdi gitmeye hazırım.

“Are you ready to leave now?”

Şimdi gitmeye hazır mısın?

“Your order is ready now.”

Siparişiniz şimdi hazır.

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