“Oven”, “Ovens” in Turkish

In Turkish, “Oven” (the noun, as in the cooking appliance) is written as:


In Turkish, “Ovens” (the noun) is written as:


Listen to these two words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

It’s in the oven.


There is bread baking in the oven.

Fırında ekmek pişiyor.

Can you turn the oven on medium?

Fırını orta dereceye getirebilir misin?

These three stoves have ovens.

Bu üç sobanın fırını var.

Set the oven alarm.

Fırın alarmını ayarlayın.

In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

“Oven”, “Ovens” in Lebanese Arabic

“Oven”, “Ovens” in Tunisian Arabic

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