“Pay” (future) (verb) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Pay” (the verb, in the future tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Nkhallas

(You) Tkhallas

(You, plural) Tkhallsou

(He) Ykhallas

(She) T5allas

(We) N5allsou

(They) Ykhallsou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

نخلّص (I)

تخلّص (You)

تخلّصو (You, plural)

يخلّص (He)

تخلّص (She)

نخلّصو (We)

يخلّصو (They)

(Editor’s note: In Tunisian Arabic, an alternative series of words that translate into Pay, the verb, in the future tense, are:

(I) Nedfa3

(You) Tedfa3

(You, plural) Tedf3ou

(He) Yedfa3

(She) Tedfa3

(We) Nedf3ou

(They) Yedf3ou

ندفع (I)

تدفع (You)

تدفعو (You, plural)

يدفع (He)

تدفع (She)

ندفعو (We)

يدفعو (They)

The above second series of words are reasonably common amongst Tunisian Arabic speakers and are more closely based on Standard Arabic (Fos7a).)

Listen to the principal words listed above pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“I will pay for the meals.”

Taw nkhallas lmekla.

.تو نخلّص الماكلة

“How would you like to pay?”

Kifesh t7eb tkhallas?

كيفاش تحب تخلّص؟

“Would you like to pay with cash or credit card?”

T7eb tkhallas cash walla bel carte?

تحب تخلّص كاش ولاّ بالكارت؟

“My husband went to the front to pay.”

Rajly mcha bech ykhallas.

.راجلي مشى بش يخلّص

“She is going to pay with credit card.”

Bech tkhallas bel carte.

.بش تخلّص بالكارت

“We’re not ready to pay yet.”

Mazelna mech bech nkhallsou taw.

.مازلنا مش بش نخلّصو تو

“We’re going to pay with cash.”

Bech nkhallsou cash.

.بش نخلّصو كاش

“They are ready to pay now.”

Houma 7adhrin bech ykhallsou taw.

.هوما حاضرين بش يخلّصو تو


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