“Pharmacy”, “Pharmacies” in Turkish

In Turkish, Pharmacy” (the noun) is written as:


In Turkish, Pharmacies” (the noun) is written as:


Listen to these two words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“There is a pharmacy down the road.”

Yolun aşağısında bir eczane var.

“There are two pharmacies within 500 metres from here.”

Buraya 500 metre mesafe içinde iki eczane var.

“Do you know where the closest pharmacy is?”

En yakın eczanenin nerede olduğunu biliyor musun?

“The pharmacy is next to the bank.”

Eczane bankanın hemen yanında.

“There are no pharmacies open today.”

Bugün bütün eczaneler kapalı.

In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

“Pharmacy”, “Pharmacies” in Lebanese Arabic

“Pharmacy”, “Pharmacies” in Tunisian Arabic

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