“Red” in Spanish

In Spanish, “Red” (the colour, in the singular form) is written as:

(m) Rojo

(f) Roja

In Spanish, “Red” (the colour, in the plural form) is written as:

(m) Rojos

(f) Rojas

Listen to these four words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“The door is painted red.”

La puerta está pintada de rojo.

“Those are blue and red pillows.”

Esos son cojines azules y rojos.

“Do you like red or white wine better?”

¿Prefieres vino tinto o vino blanco?

“Should I wear the red or yellow purse tonight?”

¿Qué bolso me pongo esta noche? ¿El rojo o el amarillo?

“Tomato sauce is red.”

La salsa de tomate es roja.

In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

“Red” in Lebanese Arabic

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“Red” in Turkish

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