“Sell” (future) (verb) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Sell” (the verb, in the future tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Nbi3

(You) Tbi3

(You, plural) Tbi3ou

(He) Ybi3

(She) Tbi3

(We) Nbi3ou

(They) Ybi3ou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

نبيع (I)

تبيع (You)

تبيعو (You, plural)

يبيع (He)

تبيع (She)

نبيعو (We)

يبيعو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“I’m going to sell the car.”

Bech nbi3 l karhba.

.بش نبيع الكرهبة

“I’m not going to sell the car yet.”

Mezelt menich bech nbi3 l karhba taw.

 .مازلت مانيش بش نبيع الكرهبة تو

“When are you going to sell the car?”

Waktech bech tbi3 l karhba?

وقتاش بش تبيع الكرهبة؟

“When is your family going to sell the house?”

3ayeltek waktech bech tbi3 l dar?

عايلتك وقتاش بش تبيع الدار؟

“Would you two be interested in selling the car?”

Entouma ezzouz tkhammou tbi3ou l karhba?

انتوما الزوز تخمّو تبيعو الكرهبة؟

“He is going to sell his moped this summer.”

Bech ybi3 l moutour mte3ou essif hetha.

.بش يبيع الموطور متاعو الصيف هذا

“She said that she is going to go to the store and sell some of her clothes.”

9alet elli hiya bech temchi lel 7anout w tbi3 chwaya men 7weyejha.

.قالت الّي هي بش تمشي للحانوت وتبيع شويّة من حوايجها

“We are going to sell this car soon.”

Bech nbi3ou l karhba 3ala 9rib.

.بش نبيعو الكرهبة على قريب

“My parents are going to sell some stuff they made at the market this weekend.”

(regular market) Ommi w baba bech ybi3ou chwaya 7ajet 3amlouhom fel 7anout ekher ejjom3a hethi.

(traditional market) Ommi w baba bech ybi3ou chwaya 7ajet fel sou9 ekher ejjom3a hethi.

.أمي و بابا بش يبيعو شويّة حاجات عملوهم في الحانوت آخر الجمعة هذي (regular market)

.أمي و بابا بش يبيعو شويّة حاجات عملوهم في السوق آخر الجمعة هذي (traditional market)


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