“Spoon”, “Spoons” (nouns) in Turkish

In Turkish, “Spoon” (the noun, as in the type of cutlery) is written as:


In Turkish, “Spoons” (the noun) is written as:


Listen to these two words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“Can you please pass me the spoon?”

Kaşığı bana uzatır mısın lütfen?

“Here is a spoon.”

İşte bir kaşık.

“The spoons are washed.”

Kaşıklar yıkanır.

“Can I have another spoon, please?”

Başka bir kaşık alabilir miyim, lütfen?

“That is a tea spoon.”

O bir çay kaşığı.

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In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

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