“Squeezed” (past) (verb) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Squeezed” (the verb, in the past tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) 3sart

(You) 3sart

(You, plural) 3sartou

(He) 3sar

(She) 3asret

(We) 3sarna

(They) 3asrou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

عصرت (I)

عصرت (You)

عصرتوا (You, plural)

عصر (He)

عصرت (She)

عصرنا (We)

عصروا (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


(Editor’s note: In one or more of the following statements, the word “Squeezed” is replaced with an applicable word or words to keep the statement colloquial but to maintain the meaning of the word Squeezed (“Squeeze” in the past participle).)


Examples in sentences or statements


I squeezed the lemons earlier.

3sart citron se3a.

.عصرت سيترون الساعة


Did you squeeze the oranges?

3sart lim?

عصرت ليم؟


Did you two squeeze the lemons to make lemonade?

Entom zouz 3sartou citron bech ta3mlou citronnade?

انتم الزوز عصرتوا سيترون باش تعملوا سيتروناد؟


He squeezed the ketchup bottle on his sandwich.

3sar dabouset el ketchup 3ala kaskroutou.

.عصر دبوسة الكاتشاب على كسكروتو


She squeezed the ketchup bottle on her burger.

3asret dabouset el ketchup 3al burger mte3ha.

.عصرت دبوسة الكاتشاب عالبرغر متاعها


We squeezed the oranges and made juice this morning.

3sarna lim w3melna 3sir fi sbe7.

.عصرنا ليم وعملنا عصير في الصباح


They squeezed the lemons.

3asrou citron.

.عصروا السيترون



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