“Stain” (active) (future) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Stain” (the verb, in the active form, in the future tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Nba9a3

(You) Tba9a3

(You, plural) Tba93ou

(He) Yba9a3

(She) Tba9a3

(We) Nba93ou

(They) Yba93ou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

نبقع (I)

تبقع (You)

تبقعو (You, plural)

يبقع (He)

تبقع (She)

نبقعو (We)

يبقعو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“I won’t stain the couch. Don’t worry.”

Matkhafech mouch bech. Nba9a3 el fauteuil.

.ما تخافش مش بش. نبقع الفوتاي

(of a drink) “Be careful with that. I don’t want you to stain the carpet.”

Rodbelek tba9a3 ezarbya.

.ردبالك تبقع الزربية

(object stained) “Do you think the couch will stain?”

Za3ma yetba9a3 el fauteuil?

زعمة يتبقع الفوتاي؟

(speaking of a baby) “Watch him so he doesn’t stain the couch with his milk.”

3ess 3lih bech ma yba9a3ch el fauteuil bel 7lib.

.عس عليه بش ما يبقعش الفوتاي بالحليب

“Tell him not to stain it by accident.”

(masculine-based object) 9ollou yrodbelou la yba93ou.

(feminine-based object) 9ollou yrodbelou la yba9a3ha.

.قلو يرد بالو لا يبقعو (masculine-based object) 

.قلو يرد بالو لا يبقعها (feminine-based object)

(object stained) “Put this on the mark now so that it won’t stain.”

(masculine-based substance) 7ottou 3al blasa bech ma tetba9a3ch.

(feminine-based substance) 7ottha 3al blasa bech ma tetba9a3ch.

.حطو عالبلاصة بش ما تتبقعش (masculine-based substance)

.حطها عالبلاصة بش ما تتبقعش (feminine-based substance)

“We aren’t going to stain it.”

(masculine-based object) Mouch bech nba93ouha.

(feminine-based object) Mouch bech nba93ouh.

.موش بش نبقعوه (masculine-based object)

.موش بش نبقعوها (feminine-based object)

“Don’t worry, they won’t stain the furniture.”

Matkhafech mouch bech yba93ou l meuble.

.ما تخافش، موش بش يبقعو الموبل


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