“Steep” (future) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Steep” (the verb, in the future tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Nkhamner

(You) Tkhammer

(You, plural) Tkhammrou

(He) Ykhammer

(She) Tkhammer

(We) Nkhammrou

(They) Ykhammrou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

نخمّر (I)

تخمّر (You)

تخمّرو (You, plural)

يخمّر (He)

تخمّر (She)

نخمّرو (We)

يخمّرو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“I’m going to steep my tea.”

Bech nkhammer etey mte3i.

.باش تخمّر التاي متاعي

“Are you going to steep your tea?”

Bech tkhammer etey?

باش تخمّر التاي؟

“Are you two going to steep your teas longer?”

Bech tzidou tkhammrou etey mte3kom?

باش تزيدو تخمّرو التاي متاعكم؟

“He is going to steep the teas before serving them.”

Bech ykhammer etey 9bal ma ysarbih.

.باش يخمّر التاي قبل ما يسربيه

“She is going to steep her tea longer.”

Bech tzid tkhammer etey mte3ha.

.باش تزيد تخمّر التاي متاعها

“We are going to steep the teas.”

Bech nkhammrou etey.

.باش نخمّرو التاي

“They are going to steep their teas for about 5 minutes before drinking.”

Bech ykhammrou etey mte3hom 9rabet el khamsa d9aye9 9bal ma yochrbouh.

.باش يخمّرو التاي متاعهم قرابة الخمسة دقايق قبل ما يشربوه


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