“Sweated” (past) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Sweated” (the verb, in the past tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) 3re9t

(You) 3re9t

(You, plural) 3re9tou

(He) 3re9

(She) 3re9t

(We) 3re9na

(They) 3er9ou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

عرقت (I)

عرقت (You)

عرقتوا (You, plural)

عرق (He)

عرقت (She)

عرقنا (We)

عرقوا (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

I sweated a lot from that workout!

3re9t barcha f sport!

!عرقت برشا في السپور

How much did you sweat during the marathon?

9adech 3re9t f marathon?

قداش عرقت في الماراثون؟

Did you two sweat a lot during the jog this morning?

Ye5i ntouma ezouz 3re9tou barcha f jaryet sbe7?

ياخي أنتم الزوز عرقتوا برشا في جرية الصباح؟

The athletes sweated a lot during the race because it was so hot out.

Athletet 3er9ou barcha f course 5ater kent s5ouna lbarra.

.الأثلاتات عرقوا برشا في الكورس خاتر كانت سخونة البرا

He’s going to take a shower because he sweated a lot from the game.

Houa mechi bch ydawech 5ater 3re9 barcha f tor7.

.هو ماشي بش يدوش خاتر عرق برشا في الطرح

She sweated because she moved all the furniture all by herself.

Hia 3er9et barcha 5ater 7arket dbach lkol wa7adha.

.هي عرقت برشا خاتر حركت الدبش الكل وحدها

We sweated while gardening.

Hia 3er9et wa9t tes9i.

.هي عرقت وقت تسقي

The girls sweated a lot during their dance class.

Lbnet 3er9ou barcha f cours dance mte3hom.

.البنات عرقوا برشا في كور الدنص متاعهم


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