Terms of Service

Ithaca Bound Inc. is operating as Ithaca Bound Languages. Ithaca Bound Inc. is incorporated in the Country of Canada. In this Agreement, when referencing Ithaca Bound Inc. or Ithaca Bound Languages, they are treated as one and of the same company.

These Terms of Service is referenced in this agreement as the “Agreement”.

The Services is a paid monthly membership that provides You access to the Materials. (the “Materials” are defined below)


  1. Ithaca Bound Inc. owns and holds the copyright on all content on its website including, but not limited to, the English and content published in other languages and dialects in text, audio, and image formats. (the “Materials”) It is strictly prohibited to distribute or reproduce any contents and Materials for, but not limited to, commercial or educational purposes. If You wish to distribute or reproduce the Materials for commercial or educational purposes you must obtain an applicable license prior to doing so from Ithaca Bound Inc. All license inquiries are reviewed. To inquire about obtaining a license, please send an inquiry to support@ithacaboundlanguages.com.

  3. Ithaca Bound Inc. does not share the personal information of its users or customers with third parties that are at arm’s length ownership of Ithaca Bound Inc. unless in the case of providing the Services and other operational activities, and only then would such Service Providers be under an applicable Confidentiality Agreement and/or be required to adhere to applicable privacy legislation. Personal information that is shared outside of the foregoing parameters in this paragraph would only be shared after obtaining consent from a user.

  5. Ithaca Bound Inc. may store web-based cookies or track Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for the purposes of moderating the amount of content that is accessible to users, for advertising purposes, and for other operational purposes. Aside from members using its Services, Ithaca Bound Inc. does not track or store the personal information of its users.

  7. By using the website and Services, You agree not to download or store the Materials locally or otherwise, except in the case of feed syndication or SMS services that Ithaca Bound Languages provides to You.

  9. Updates to this Agreement may occur from time to time. Any updates will be posted to this page and will come into effect upon notifying users who are affected by this Agreement of such amendments.

  11. Efforts are made to provide accurate Materials. Ithaca Bound Languages does not warrant the availability or accuracy of its Materials or website in all instances.

  13. In all cases, the maximum liability Ithaca Bound Languages can be liable to a user or customer is what the user or customer paid to Ithaca Bound Languages up to the total of the last 12 months.

  15. Ithaca Bound Languages may adjust the fee of services by providing at least 60 days written notice via email to a customer.

  17. By following the cancellation process provided to users in the My Account section of the platform, a customer may cancel its services with Ithaca Bound Languages. Ithaca Bound Languages may cancel providing services at anytime by providing notice to a user.

  19. This is the entire Agreement between Ithaca Bound Inc. and You. It supersedes any previous agreements, whether written or orally, between Ithaca Bound Inc. and You. This Agreement can only be amended by Ithaca Bound Inc. and You agreeing to amendments or a new agreement in writing or by Ithaca Bound Inc. updating this agreement and providing you notice of such update.

For license inquires — support@ithacaboundlanguages.com
For support inquires — support@ithacaboundlanguages.com

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