“Thirty-two” (32) in Tunisian Arabic

The number “Thirty-two” is written using the Latin script as:

Thnin w thlethin

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

ثنين و ثلاثين

When “32” is written numerically using the Arabic script, it is written as:


Listen to this number pronounced (audio)


Examples in statements or sentences

“I am 32 years old.”

3omry thnin w thlethin sna.

.عمري تنين و ثلاثين سنة

“My children are 32, 28, and 25 years old.”

S8ari 3morhom thnin w thlethin,thmanya w 3ichrin, w 5amsa w 3echrin sna.

.صغاري أعمارهم ثنين و ثلاثين، و ثمانية و عشرين، و خمسة و عشرين

“It’s 32 degrees right now.”

Es5ana taw thnin w thlethin.
السخانة تو ثنين و ثلاثين.

“I’ve lived in this country for 32 years.”

3echt thnin w thlethin sna fi lebled hedhi.

.عشت ثنين و ثلاثين سنة في البلاد هاذي

“There are 32 teams in this tournament.”

Fama thnin w thlethin fari9 fel mouseb9a.

.فمة ثنين و ثلاثين فريق في المسابقة


This number in other Arabic dialects

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