“Understanding” (present) (verb) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Understanding” (the verb, in the present tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) (m) 9e3ed nefhem

(I) (f) 9e3da nefhem

(You) (m) 9e3ed tefhem

(You) (f) 9e3da tefhem

(You, plural) 9e3din tefhmou

(He) 9e3ed yefhem

(She) 9e3da tefhem

(We) 9e3din nefhmou

(They) 9e3din yefhmou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

قاعد نفهم (m) (I)

قاعدة نفهم (f) (I)

قاعد تفهم (m) (You)

قاعدة تفهم (f) (You)

قاعدين تفهمو  (You, plural)

قاعد تفهم (He)

قاعدة تفهم (She)

قاعدين نفهمو (We)

قاعدين يفهمو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

(Editor’s note: In one or more of the following statements, the word “Understanding” is replaced with an applicable word or words to keep the statement colloquial but to maintain the meaning of Understanding (“Understand” in the present participle).)
“I understand you.”

(m) 9e3ed nefhem fik.

(f) 9e3da nefhem fik.

.قاعد نفهم فيك (m)

.قاعدة نفهم فيك (f)

“I understand what he said.”

Fhemt chnoua 9al.

.فهمت شنوة قال

“I don’t understand.”

(m) Manich 9e3ed nefhem.

(f) Manich 9e3da nefhem.

.مانيش قاعد نفهم (m)

.مانيش قاعدة نفهم (f)

“You’re so understanding.”

(m) Enti yeser metfahhem.

(f) Enti yeser metfahhma.

.إنتي ياسر متفهّم (m)

.إنتي ياسر متفهّمة (f)

“Do you understand what this reads?” 

(m) 9e3ed tefhem felli maktoub?

(f) 9e3da tefhem felli maktoub?

قاعد تفهم في اللّي مكتوب؟ (m)

قاعدة تفهم في اللّي مكتوب؟ (f)

“Do you two understand?”

9e3din tefhmou?

قاعدين تفهمو؟

“My boyfriend is so understanding.”

Sa7bi metfahhem barsha.

.صاحبي متفهّم برشا

“My boyfriend isn’t being understanding.”

Sa7bi mech metfahhem.

.صاحبي مش متفهّم

“We understand what you’re saying.”

9e3din nefhmou felli t9oul fih.

.قاعدين نفهمو في اللّي تقول فيه

“They understand what you’re saying.”

9e3din yefhmou felli t9oul fih.

.قاعدين يفهمو في اللّي تقول فيه


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