“Use” (future) (verb) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Use” (the verb, in the future tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Nesta3mel

(You) Testa3mel

(You, plural) Testa3mlou

(He) Yesta3mel

(She) Testa3mel

(We) Nesta3mlou

(They) Yesta3mlou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

نستعمل (I)

تستعمل (You)

تستعملو (You, plural)

يستعمل (He)

تستعمل (She)

نستعملو (We)

يستعملو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

Can I use your phone?

Nejem nesta3mel telifounek?

نجم نستعمل تليفونك؟

I am not going to use the phone charger until later.

Manich bech nesta3mel chargeur el telifoun ken mba3d.

.منيش باش نستعمل شرجور التليفون كان مبعد

Can you show me how to use this?

(when the object is masculine) Tnejem twarini kifech nesta3mel hedha?

(when the object is feminine) Tnejem twarini kifech nesta3mel hedhi?

تنجم تورّيني كيفاش نستعمل هذا؟ (when the object is masculine)

تنجم تورّيني كيفاش نستعمل هاذي؟ (when the object is feminine)

Are you going to use the car later?

Bech testa3mel el karhba mba3d?

باش تستعمل الكرهبة مبعد؟

Are you two going to use the bike or the car to go to the park later?

Bech testa3mlou el besklette wala el karhba bech temchiw lel park mba3d?

باش تستعملو البسكلات ولا الكرهبة باش تمشيو للبارك مبعد؟

He is going to use his father’s car to drive us to the stadium.

Bech yesta3mel karhabet bouh bech ywasalna lel stade.

.باش يستعمل كرهبة بوه باش يوصلنا للستاد

She told me she is going to use her credit card to pay for the meal.

9aletli eli heya bech testa3mel el carte bech tkhales el ftour.

. قالتلي الي هي باش تستعمل الكارت باش تخلّص الفطور

We are going to use the car tonight.

Bech nesta3mlou el karhba elila.

.باش نستعملو الكرهبة الليلة

Can we use these pillows?

Nejmou nesta3mlou el mkhaded hedhom?

نجمو نستعملو المخادد هاذم؟

They are going to use the yellow rug to clean the car.

Bech yesta3mlou el chouli9a el safra bech ynadhfou el karhba.

.باش يستعملو الشوليقة الصفرا باش ينظفو الكرهبة


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