“What” in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “What” is written using the Latin script as:

Chnwa (Chnowa, Chnouwa)

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:


Listen to this word pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

What is it called?

Chnwa titsama?

شنوة تتسمى ؟

What is your favourite movie?

Chnwa a7sen film 3ndk?

شنوة أحسن فيلم عندك ؟

What do you want to eat for dinner?

Chnwa tehb takl fy el3cha?

شنوة تحب تاكل في العشا ؟

What fabric is this blouse made of?

Chnwa el9mech eli masnou3a menou elveste?

شنوة القماش إلي مصنوعة منو الفيست ؟

What kind of herb is this?

Chnwa naw3 la7chich hedha?

شنوة نوع الحشيش هذا ؟


In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

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