“White” in Spanish

In Spanish, “White” (the colour, in the singular form) is written as:

(m) Blanco

(f) Blanca

In Spanish, “White” (the colour, in the plural form) is written as:

(m) Blancos

(f) Blancas

Listen to these four words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“The tablecloth is white.”

El mantel es blanco.

“The car is white.”

El coche es blanco.

“I like white cars.”

Me gustan los coches blancos.

“The houses in this area are mostly painted white.”

La mayoría de casas en esta zona están pintadas de blanco.

“I’m going to run a wash with only white clothing.”

Voy a poner una lavadora solo con ropa blanca.

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