“Bend” (subject bending object) (future) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Bend” (the verb, as in a subject bending an object, in the future tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) N3awaj

(You) T3awaj

(You, plural) T3awjou

(He) Y3awaj

(She) T3awaj

(We) N3awjou

(They) Y3awjou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

نعوّج (I)

تعوّج (You)

تعوّجو (You, plural)

يعوّج (He)

تعوّج (She)

نعوّجو (We)

يعوّجو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“I will bend this pipe.”

Bech n3awaj l ja3ba hedhi.

.بش نعوّج الجعبة هذي

“I can’t bend it.”

(masculine-based object) Manajjamch n3awjou.

(feminine-based object) Manajjamch n3awajha.

.منجّمش نعوّجو (masculine-based object)

.منّجمش نعوّجها (feminine-based object)

“You have to bend it, otherwise it won’t fit.”

(masculine-based object) Lezmek t3awjou, mekenech mayarfa3ch.

(feminine-based object) Lezmek t3awajha, mekenech matarfa3ch.

.لازمك تعوّجو, ماكانش مايرفعش (masculine-based object)

.لازمك تعوّجها, ماكانش ماترفعش (feminine-based object)

“Do you think he can bend this nail?”

Za3ma ynajjam y3awaj l vice hedha?

زعما ينجّم يعوّج الفيس هذا؟

“She is going to bend the metal.”

Bech t3awaj l métal.

.بش تعوّج الميتال

“We can’t bend this.”

(masculine-based object) Manajjmouch n3awjouh hedha.

(feminine-based object) Manajjmouch n3awjouha hedhi.

.منجّموش نعوّجوه هذا (masculine-based object)

.منجّموش نعوّجوها هذي (feminine-based object)

“If you want to bend the bar, you are free to do so.”

(plural) Ken t7ebbou t3awjou l 7dida, tnajjmou t3awjouha.

.كان تحبّو تعوّجو الحديدة, تنجّمو تعوّجوها (plural)

“Can’t you all together bend it more?”

(masculine-based object) Matnajjmouch entouma lkol mab3adhkom t3awjouh akthar?

(feminine-based object) Matnajjmouch entouma lkol mab3adhkom t3awjouha akthar?

متنجّموش انتوما الكلّ مبعضكم تعوّجوه أكثر؟ (masculine-based object)

متنجّموش انتوما الكلّ مبعضكم تعوّجوها أكثر؟ (feminine-based object)

“They have to bend the steel.”

Lezemhom y3awjou l fouledh.

.لازمهم يعوّجو الفولاذ


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