“Coloured” (past) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Coloured” (the verb, in the past tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Lawant

(You) Lawant

(You, plural) Lawantou

(He) Lawen

(She) Lawnet

(We) Lawanna

(They) Lawnou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

لوّنت (I)

لوّنت (You)

لوّنتو (You, plural)

لوّن (He)

لوّنت (She)

لوّنّا (We)

لوّنو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“I coloured the bedroom sea blue.”

Dhent el bit bel azre9.

.دهنت البيت بالأزرق

“I accidentally coloured outside the line here.”

Lawant lbara mel khat mouch bel3ani.

.لوّنت لبرّا من الخط موش بلعاني

“You coloured this picture,right?”

Enti lawant el taswira hedhi, haka walle?

انتي لوّنت التصويرة هاذي، هكّا ولّا؟

(as an adjective) “Nicely coloured!”

Mlawna belgde!

!ملوّنة بلڨدا

“She coloured her room blue and grey.”

Dehnet bitha bel azre9 wel gris.

.دهنت بيتها بالأزرق و الڨري

“Who coloured this?”

Chkoun lawanha hedhi?

شكون لوّنها هاذي؟

“The artist coloured the painting carefully.”

(m) El fanen lawen el tableau bessyesa.

(f) El fanena lawnet el tableau bessyesa.

.الفنّان لوّن التابلو بالسياسة (m)

.الفنّانة لوّنت التابلو بالسياسة (f)

“This spot on the carpet is coloured dark red because of a stain.”

El bo93a hedhi fel zarbeya tlawnet bel a7mer.

.البقعة هاذي في الزربيّة تلوّنت بالأحمر

“Me and my daughter coloured this.”

Ena w benti lawanna hedhi.

.أنا و بنتي لوّنّا هاذي

“We coloured this picture together.”

Lawanna hedhi m3a b3adhna.

.لوّنّا هاذي مع بعضنا

“Did they colour this picture?”

Houma lawnou el taswira hedhi?

هوما لوّنو التصويرة هاذي؟

“The kids coloured pictures the whole day.”

El sghar lawnou tsawer nhar kemel.

.الصغار لوّنو تصاور نهار كامل


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