“Deposit” (future) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Deposit” (the verb, in the future tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Bech nsob

(You) Bech tsob

(You, plural) Bech tsobbo

(He) Bech ysob

(She) Bech tsob

(We) Bech nsobbo

(They) Bech ysobbo

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

باش نصب (I)

باش تصب (You)

باش تصبّو (You, plural)

باش يصب (He)

 باش تصب (She)

باش نصبّو (We)

باش يصبّو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

I will deposit the money in the bank tomorrow morning.

Ena bech nsob el flous fel banka 8odwa sbe7.

.أنا باش نصب الفلوس في البانكة غدوة الصباح

Are you going to deposit the money today?

Bech tsob lflous lyoum?

باش تصب الفلوس اليوم؟

Can you deposit the money this week?

Tnajjem tsob lflous el jom3a hedhi?

تنجّم تصب الفلوس الجمعة هاذي؟

He is going to deposit the money this evening.

Howa bech ysob el flous la3chiya.

.هو باش يصب الفلوس العشيّة

She is going to deposit the money into my chequing account.

Hiya bech tsob el flous fel compte courant mte3i.

هي باش تصب الفلوس في الكونت كوران متاعي

We are going to deposit the cheques today.

A7na bech nsobbo el chiket lyoum.

.أحنا باش نصبّو الشيكات اليوم

They said they are going to deposit the money these days.

Houma 9alo bech ysobbo lflous hal ayem.

.هوما قالو باش يصبّو الفلوس هالأيّام


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