“Do you understand?” in Turkish

In Turkish, “Do you understand?” is written as:

Anlıyor musun?
(Editor’s note: In Turkish, Anlıyor musun? is the most direct translation to the English phrase, “Do you understand?” However, what is most commonly spoken in reference to this type of question is Anladın mı?, which means Did you understand? (the principal phrase in the past participle).)

Listen to this question pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“Do you understand what the sign reads?

İşarette ne okuduğunu anladın mı?

“Do you understand the directions?”

Yönleri anladın mı?

“Do you understand me?”

Beni anlıyor musun?

Do you understand what the paragraph reads?

Paragrafta ne okuduğunu anladın mı?

Do you understand what the word means?

Kelimenin ne anlama geldiğini anladın mı?

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