“Go” (future) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Go” (the verb, in the future tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Nemchi

(You) Temchi

(You, plural) Temchiw

(He) Yemchi

(She) Temchi

(We) Nemchiw

(They) Yemchiw

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

نمشي (I)

تمشي (You)

تمشيو (You, plural)

يمشي (He)

تمشي (She)

 نمشيو (We)

 يمشيو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“I will go now.”

Bech nemchi taw.

.بش نمشي تو

“I will go to the store in five minutes.”

Bech nemchi lel 7anout ba3d 5amsa d9aya9.

.بش نمشي للحانوت بعد خمسة دقايق

“Are you ready to go?”

7adher bech temchi?

حاضر بش تمشي؟

“Do you want to go to the beach?”

T7eb temchi lel b7ar?

تحب تمشي للبحر؟

“Are you all ready to go?”

7adhrin bech temchiw?

حاضرين بش تمشيو؟

“Where do you two want to go next?”

Win t7ebbou temchiw mba3d?

وين تحبّو تمشيو مبعد؟

“The server will go check with the chef.”

(m) El serveur bech yemchi ythabet m3a el chef.

(f) El serveur bech temchi ythabet m3a el chef.

.السارفور بش يمشي يثبت مع الشاف (m)

.السارفور بش تمشي يثبت مع الشاف (f)

“He will go to the store now.”

Bech yemchi lel 7anout taw.

.باش يمشي للحانوت تو

“My Mom will go check.”

Ommi bech temchi tthabbet.

.أمّي باش تمشي تثبت

“Let’s go.”

Haya nemchiw.

.هيا نمشيو

“We are going to go soon.”

9rib nemchiw.

.قريب نمشيو

“They are ready to go.”

Houma 7adhrin bech yemchiw.

.هوما حاضرين بش يمشيو

“They will go to Sousse tomorrow.”

Bech yemchiw el sousa ghodwa.

.بش يمشيو لسوسة غدوة


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