“Good night” in Spanish

In Spanish, “Good night” is written as:

Buenas noches
(Editor’s note: In Spain, nighttime is conventionally considered as of 9pm. Therefore, when greeting someone during this time frame, it’s common to use the phrase, Buenas noches. Moreover, this phrase, Buenas noches, is commonly used as a greeting and a farewell.)

Listen to this greeting/farewell pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

Good night! I had fun tonight.”

Buenas noches! Me lo he pasado muy bien esta noche.

Good night! See you again soon.”

Buenas noches! Espero volver a verte pronto.

Good night! Sleep well.”

Buenas noches! Que duermas bien.

Good night! See you in the morning.”

Buenas noches! Hasta mañana.

“Good night! See you soon.”

Buenas noches! Nos vemos pronto.

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