“Heal” (being healed) (future) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Heal” (the verb, as in being healed, in the future tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Nabra

(You) Tabra

(You, plural) Tabraw

(He) Yabra

(She) Tabra

(We) Nabraw

(They) Yabraw

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

نبرا (I)

تبرا (You)

تبراو (You, plural)

يبرا (He)

تبرا (She)

نبراو (We)

يبراو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“My cut will heal soon.”

El jor7 mte3i bech yabra 3ala 9rib.

.الجرح متاعي بش يبرا على قريب

“Your broken arm will heal in about two months.”

El kasr elli fi yeddek t7ebblou chahrin bech yabra.

.الكسر اللّي في يدّك تحبّلو شهرين بش يبرا

“They said my arm will heal in two months.”

9alouli yeddi t7ebbelha chahrin bech tabra.

.قالولي اللّي يدّي تحبّلها شهرين بش تبرا

“You both will heal soon.”

Entouma ezzouz bech tabraw 3ala 9rib.

.انتوما الزوز بش تبراو على قريب

“The wound will heal.”

El jor7 bech yabra.

.الجرح بش يبرا

“The cut is going to heal.”

Taw yabra el jor7.

.تو يبرا الجرح

“He must heal fully before he plays again.”

Lezmou yabra 3ala 9a3da 9bal mayarja3 yal3ab.

.لازمو يبرا على قريب قبل مايرجع يلعب

“She needs to heal before going back to school.”

Lezemha tabra 9bal matarja3 lel école.

.لازمها تبرا قبل ماترجع للايكول

“Your dog will heal in a couple of weeks.”

(m) Kalbek t7ebblou joma3tin tletha w yabra.

(f) Kalbtek t7ebbelha joma3tin tletha w tabra.

.كلبك تحبّلو جمعتين تلاثة و يبرا (m)

.كلبتك تحبّلها جمعتين تلاثة و تبرا (f)

“We trust we will heal soon.”

A7na met2akdin bech nabraw 3ala 9rib.

.أحنا متأكدين بش نبراو على قريب

“They will both heal with time and rest.”

Bech yabraw ezzouz m3a l wa9t wel ra7a.

.بش يبراو الزوز مع الوقت و الراحة


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