“Latest” in Turkish

In Turkish, “Latest” (the adjective, in the superlative sense) is written as:

En son

Listen to this term pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

What time does the latest flight leave?

En son uçuş saat kaçta kalkıyor?
What is the latest that I could hand in the essay?

Yazıyı teslim edebileceğim en son tarih ne zaman?
This is the latest you’ve arrived home before.

Bu eve en son gelişin.
What is the latest your boy has stayed up before?

Oğlunuz en son ne zaman uyanık kaldı?
(at a theatre) “This is the latest movie playing tonight.

Bu, bu gece oynayan en son film.
In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

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“Latest” in Turkish


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