“Liked” (past) (verb) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Liked” (the verb, in the past tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) (m) 3jebni

(I) (f) 3ejbetni

(I) (p) 3ejbouni

(You) (m) 3ejbek

(You) (f) 3ejbetek

(You) (p) 3ejbouk

(You, plural) (m) 3jebkom

(You, plural) (f) 3ejbetbkom

(You, plural) (p) 3ejboukom

(He) (m) 3ejbou

(He) (f) 3ejbetou

(He) (p) 3ejbouh

(She) (m) 3jebha

(She) (f) 3ejbetha

(She) (p) 3ejbouha

(We) (m) 3jebna

(We) (f) 3ejbetna

(We) (p) 3ejbouna

(They) (m) 3jebhom

(They) (f) 3ejbethom

(They) (p) 3ejbouhom

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

عجبني (m) (I)

عجبتني (f) (I)

عجبوني (p) (I)

 عجبك (m) (You)

عجبتك (f) (You)

 عجبوك (p) (You)

عجبكم (m) (You, plural)

عجبتكم (f) (You, plural)

عجبوكم (p) (You, plural)

عجبو (m) (He)

عجبتو (f) (He)

عجبوه (p) (He)

عجبها (m) (She)

عجبتها (f) (She)

عجبوها (p) (She)

عجبنا (m) (We)

عجبتنا (f) (We)

عجبونا (p) (We)

عجبهم (m) (They)

عجبتهم (f) (They)

عجبوهم (p) (They)

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Examples in sentences or statements

(Editor’s note: In one or more of the following statements, the word “Liked” is replaced with an applicable word or words to keep the statement colloquial but to maintain the meaning of Liked (“Like” in the past tense).)
“I finished the book and liked it.”

Kammalt lkteb w 3jebni.

.كمّلت الكتاب و عجبني

“I didn’t like staying at that residence as much.”

Ma3ejbetnich barsha l9a3da feddar heki.

.ما عجبتنيش برشا القعدة في الدار هاكي

“I really liked today’s class.”

3jebni barsha lcours mta3 lyoum.

.عجبني برشا الكور متع اليوم

“Did you like it?”

(m) 3ejbek?

(f) 3ejbetek?

عجبك؟ (m)

عجبتك؟ (f)

“Did you two like your meals?”

3ejbouk mekletek?

عجبوك ماكلاتك؟

“My dog liked the meal.”

(m) Kalbi 3ejbetou lmekla.

(f) Kalbti 3ejbetha lmekla.

.كلبي عجبتو الماكلة (m)

.كلبتي عجبتها الماكلة (f)

“We liked the movie.”

3jebna el film.

.عجبنا الفيلم

“We liked staying here.”

3ejbetna l9a3da houni.

.عجبتنا القعدة هوني

“They left a review for the residence saying that they liked the stay.”

Khallew review lel résidence 9alou fyha elli 3ejbethom el 9a3da.

.خلاّو روفيو للريزيدونس قالو فيها اللّي عجبتهم القعدة


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