“Moped”, “Mopeds” in Turkish

In Turkish, “Moped” is written as:


In Turkish, “Mopeds” is written as:


Listen to these two words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

Do you drive a moped?

Motosiklet sürüyor musun?

That is my moped?

O benim motosikletim mi?

I’ve been driving a moped for five years.

Beş yıldır motosiklet kullanıyorum.

There are a lot of mopeds in this city.

Bu şehirde çok fazla motosiklet var.

Here is a helmet for the moped.

İşte motosiklet için bir kask.

In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

“Moped” in Lebanese Arabic

“Moped”, “Mopeds” in Tunisian Arabic

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