“Read” (future) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Read” (the verb, in the future tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Bech na9ra

(You) Bech ta9ra

(You, plural) Bech ta9raw

(He) Bech ya9ra

(She) Bech ta9ra

(We) Bech na9raw

(They) Bech ya9raw

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

بش نقرى (I)

بش تقرى (You)

بش تقراو (You, plural)

بش يقرى (He)

بش تقرى (She)

بش نقراو (We)

بش يقراو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“I’m going to read this magazine on the plane.”

Bech na9ra el majalla hedhi fettayara.

.بش نقرى المجلّة هذي في الطّيارة

“I’m going to read this book now.”

Bech na9ra lekteb hedha lyoum.

.بش نقرى الكتاب هذا اليوم

“I’m not going to read yet.”

Mouch bech nebda na9ra taw.

.موش بش نبدا نقرى تو

“I will read it.”

Bech na9raha.

.بش نقراها

“What are you going to read next?”

Chnou bech ta9ra mba3d?

شنو بش تقرا مبعد؟

“What books do you two need to read next in class?”

Chnouma lektob elli bech ta9rawhom fel cours?

شنوما الكتب اللّي بش تقراوهم في الكور؟

“The boss will read the email in the morning.”

(m) El moudir bech ya9ra l email fessbe7.

(f) El moudira bech ta9ra l email fessbe7.

.المدير بش يقرى الايمايل في الصباح (m)

.المديرة بش تقرى الايمايل في الصباح (f)

“She will read the email in a moment.”

Bech ta9ra l email ba3d chwaya.

.بش تقرا الايمايل بعد شوية

“We will read the notice now.”

Bech na9raw el i3lem taw.

.بش نقراو الاعلام تو

“The kids are going to read a bit during the flight.”

Essghar bech ya9raw chwaya fel vol.

.الصّغار بش يقراو شوية في الفول


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