“Remembered” (past) (verb) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Remembered” (the verb, in the past tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Tdhakart

(You) Tdhakart

(You, plural) Tdhakartou

(He) Tdhaker

(She) Tdhakret

(We) Tdhakarna

(They) Tdhakrou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

تذكرت (I)

تذكرت (You)

تذكرتو (You, plural)

تذكر (He)

تذكرت (She)

تذكرنا (We)

تذكرو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

(Editor’s note: In one or more of the following statements, the word “Remembered” is replaced with an applicable word or words to keep the statement colloquial but to maintain the meaning of “Remembered” (“Remember” in the past participle).)
I remembered to bring my phone earlier.

Tdhakart bech njib m3aya telifouni 9bila.

.تذكرت باش نجيب معايا تليفوني قبيلا

I remembered to bring your knapsack with me.

Tdhakart bech njib m3aya el sac mte3ek.

.تذكرت باش نجيب معايا الساك متاعك

Did you remember to bring cash with you?

Tdhakart tjib m3ak flous?

تذكرت تجيب معاك فلوس؟

Did you two remember to bring your keys?

Tdhakartou bech tjibou mfete7kom?

تذكرتو باش تجيبو مفاتحكم؟

He remembered his wife’s birthday.

Howa tdhaker 3id miled martou.

.هو تذكر عيد ميلاد مرتو

She remembered the wi-fi password.

Heya tdhakret mot de passe el wifi.

.هي تذكرت المودباس متاع الويفي

We remember meeting you both last week on the promenade.

Netdhakrou eli a7na 9abelnekom el jem3a eli fetet 3al corniche.

.نتذكرو الّي أحنا قابلناكم الجمعة الّي فاتت على الكورنيش

They remembered seeing us last week on the promenade.

Tdhakrou eli houma chefouna el jem3a eli fetet 3al corniche.

.تذكرو الّي هوما شافونا الجمعة الّي فاتت على الكورنيش


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