“Stand” (future) in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Stand” (the verb, in the future tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Ne9ef

(You) Te9ef

(You, plural) Te9fou

(He) Ye9ef

(She) Te9ef

(We) Ne9fou

(They) Ye9fou

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

ناقف (I)

تاقف (You)

تاقفو (You, plural)

ياقف (He)

تاقف (She)

ناقفو (We)

ياقفو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“I’m going to stand for a bit.”

Bech ne9ef chwaya.

.بش ناقف شويّة

“I will stand over there and wait for you.”

Bech ne9ef lghadi nestannek.

.بش ناقف لغادي نستنّاك

“I am not going to stand more.”

Menich bech nzid ne9ef akther.

.مانيش بش نزيد ناقف أكثر

“You don’t need to stand.”

Mouch lezem te9ef.

.موش لازم تاقف

“He will stand outside in case we need him.”

Bech ye9ef lbarra ken st7a99inelou.

.بش ياقف لبرّا كان ستحقّينالو

“She is not willing to stand. Let’s find a seat.”

Mehich newya te9ef. Haya nlawjou 3ala blassa no9o3dou feha.

.ماهيش ناوية تاقف. هيّا نلوّجو على بلاصة نقعدو فيها

“Will we stand during the whole route?”

Bech no9o3dou we9fin ethniya lkol?

بش نقعدو واقفين الثنيّة الكلّ؟

“We will stand beside your bed all night.”

Bech ne9fou ba7dha farchek lila kemla.

.بش ناقفو بحذا فرشك ليلة كاملة

“For how long can you all stand still?”

9adech tnajjmou to9o3dou we9fin lkolkom?

قدّاش تنجّمو تقعدو واقفين لكلّكم؟

“The kids don’t want to stand any longer.”

Essghar may7ebouch ye9fou akther men hakka.

.الصغار مايحبّوش ياقفو أكثر من هكّة


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