“A little” in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “A little” is written using the Latin script as:


Using the Arabic script, it is written as:


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Examples in sentences or statements

“A little bit of spice, please.”

(m) Shwayet mtbale, 2arjouk.

(f) shwayet mtbale, 2arjouke.

.شواية متبلات، ارجوك (m)

.شواية متبلات، ارجوكي (f)

“Just a little sugar in the tea, please”

(m) Bas shway sukar bel shay, 2arjouk.

(f) Bas shway sukar bel shay, 2arjouke.

 .بس شوية سكر بالشاي، ارجوك (m)

 .بس شوية سكر بالشاي، ارجوكي (f)

“Please cut the hair only a little.”

(m) 2arjouk 2es sha3re shway.

(f) 2arjouke 2ese sha3re shway.

.أرجوك قص شعري شواي (m)

.أرجوكي قصي شعري شواي (f)

“A little further and we’ll be there.”

Ba3ad shway wa mansoul.

.بعد شواي و منوصل


“I speak a little French and Italian.”

Bheke shway Faransi ou Itale.

.حكي شوية فرنسي و إطالي


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