“Bread” in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “Bread” is written using the Latin script as:


Using the Arabic script, it is written as:


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Examples in sentences or statements

“Can I have a loaf of bread?”

Fine 2kehod reghef khebez?

فيني اخد رغيف خبز؟


“Can we have more bread, please?”

(m) Fina nekhod ba3ad khebez, 2arjouk?

(f) Fina nekhod ba3ad khebez, 2arjouke?

فينا ناخد بعد خبز، أرجوك؟ (m)

فينا ناخد بعد خبز، أرجوكي؟ (f)


“More bread, please.”

(m) Ba3ad khebez, 2arjouk.

(f) Ba3ad khebez, 2arjouke.

.بعد خبز، أرجوك (m)

.بعد خبز، أرجوكي (f)


“I love bread and high-quality olive oil as an afternoon snack.”

Bheb ba3ad 2al deher 2ekol khebez ma3 naw3iye 3alye men zayt 2al zaytoun ka wajbe khafife.

.بحب بعد الضهر أكل خبز مع نوعية عالية من زيت الزيتون كوجبة خفيفة


“The bread is fresh.”

2al khebez taza.

.الخبز طازة


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