“Olive oil” in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “Olive oil” is written using the Latin script as:

Zayt 2al zaytoun

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

زيت الزيتون

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Examples in sentences or statements

“It’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil!”

Hayda zayt 2al zaytoun baker moumtaz!

!هيدا زيت الزيتون بكر ممتاز

“This olive oil tastes great!”

Hayda zayt 2al zaytoun ta3matuha ra2i3!

!هيدا الزيت الزيتون طعمتو رائع

“Olive oil is the only oil I cook with.”

Zayt 2al zaytoun huwe 2al zayt 2al wahid yal yatboukh fih.

.زيت الزيتون هو الزيت الوحيد يللي بطبخ فيه

“As a snack, I like olive oil on bread and cheese.”

Koujbet khafifa, bheb zayt 2al zaytoun 3ala 2al khebez wa 2al jebne.

.كوجبة خفيفة، بحب زيت الزيتون على الخبز والجبنة

“Do you want some olive oil with your meal?”

(m) Badak shwayit zayt 2al zaytoun ma3 ta3amak?

(f) Badik shwayit zayt 2al zaytoun ma3 ta3amik?

 بدك شوية زيت الزيتون مع طعامك؟ (m)

 بديك شوية زيت الزيتون مع طعاميك؟ (f)


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