“Chequing account”, “Chequing accounts” in Turkish

In Turkish, “Chequing account” is written as:

Vadesiz hesap

In Turkish, “Chequing accounts” is written as:

Vadesiz hesaplar

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Examples in sentences or statements


“I opened a chequing account in that bank.”

O bankada vadesiz hesap açtım.


“Do you have a chequing account?”

Vadesiz hesabın var mı?


“I want to deposit my paycheck in my chequing account.”

Maaşımı vadesiz hesabıma yatırmak istiyorum.


“Can I deposit this cheque into my chequing account?”

Bu çeki vadesiz hesabıma yatırabilir miyim?


“My sister has two chequing accounts.”

Kardeşimin iki tane vadesiz hesabı var.


In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

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