“Mouse”, “Mouses” (computer device) in Turkish

In Turkish, “Mouse” (the noun, as in the computer device) is written as:


In Turkish, “Mouses” (the noun) is written as:


Listen to these two words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“The mouse is not working.”

Fare çalışmıyor.

“I think the mouse is not connected.”

Sanırım fare bağlı değil.

“Can I borrow your mouse?”

Fareni ödünç alabilir miyim?

“Keyboards, mouses and other gadgets are sold here.”

Burada klavyeler, fareler and başka cihazlar satılıyor.

“I have two mouses.”

İki farem var.

In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

“Mouse”, “Mouses” (computer device) in Lebanese Arabic

“Mouse”, “Mouses” (computer device) in Tunisian Arabic


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