“Cleaned” (verb) in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “Cleaned” (the verb) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Nadafet

(You) (m) Nadafet

(You) (f) Nadafte

(You, plural) Nadafto

(He) Nadaf

(She) Nadafit

(We) Nadafna

(They) Nadafo

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

عمبنضيف (I)

نضفت (m) (You)

نضفتي (f) (You)

نضفتو (You, plural)

نضف (He)

نضيفيت (She)

نضيفنا (We)

نضفو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“I cleaned earlier.”

Nadafet men 2abel.

.نضفت منأبل

“I cleaned the dishes.”

Nadafet 2al tabek.

.نضقت ألتبك

“You did a great job cleaning!”

(m) 3amelet sheghel moumayiz bel tendif!

(f) 3amelte sheghel moumayiz bel tendif!

!عملت شغل مميز بل تنضيف (m)

!عملتي شغل مميز بل تنضيف (f)

“Thanks for cleaning.”

Shukran lal tendif.

.شكران لالتنضيف

“He cleaned it up.”

Nadafa huwe.

.نضفا هو

“He cleaned his dog’s feet.”

Nadaf 2ejer kalbo.

.نضف أجر كلبو

“She’s done cleaning.”

Hiye khelsit 2al tendif.

.هي خلصيت ألتنضيف

“She cleaned the bedroom.”

Hiye nadafit 2al gherfet 2al nawm.

.هي نضفت ألغرفت ألنوم

“We’re done cleaning.”

Khalasna 2al tendif.

.خلصنا ألتنضيف

“It took us eight hours to clean the garage.”

2akhadna tmen se3at lanadif 2al garage.

.أخدنا تمان سعات لاناضيف ألكراج

“The city workers cleaned the streets last night.”

2al sheghal 2al balade nadafo 2al tour2at hadik 2al lel.

.ألشغال ألبلدي نضفو ألترقات هديك أليل

“They cleaned the dishes.”

Nadafo 2altabek.

.نضفو ألتبك


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