“Do you need…?” in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “Do you need…?” is written using the Latin script as:

(m) Bet3ouz…?

(f) Bet3ouze…?

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

بتعوز…؟ (m)

بتعوزي…؟ (f)

Listen to these two words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“Do you need it?”

(m) Bet3ouz?

(f) Bet3ouze?

بتعوز؟ (m)

بتعوزي؟ (f)

“Do you need more water?”

(m) Bet3ouz ba3ad may?

(f) Bet3ouze ba3ad may?

بتعوز بعد ماي؟ (m)

بتعوزي بعد ماي؟ (f)

“Do you need your phone?”

(m) Bet3ouz telephonak?

(f) Bet3ouze telephonik?

بتعوز تلفونك؟ (m)

بتعوزي تلفونك؟ (f)

“Do you need more food?”

(m) Bet3ouz ba3ad 2akel?

(f) Bet3ouze ba3ad 2akel?

 بتعوز بعد اكل؟ (m)

 بتعوزي بعد اكل؟ (f)

“Do you need to leave for the airport soon?”

(m) Bet3ouz trouh 3al matar 2ariban?

(f) Bet3ouze trouhe 3al matar 2ariban?

بتعوز تروح عالمطار قريبًا؟ (m)

بتعوزي تروحي عالمطار قريبًا؟ (f)


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