“February” in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “February” is written using the Latin script as:


In Lebanese Arabic, using the Arabic script, it is written as:

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Examples in sentences or statements

“February is the second month of a calendar year.”

Shbat huwe tene shaher bel reznemet.

.شباط هو تاني شهر بالرزنامة

“Most years there are 28 days in February.”

Mou3zam 2al snin fi tmen wa 3ashrin yawm bishaher shbat.

.معظم السنين في تمان و عشرين  يوم بشهر شباط

“In most Northern Hemispheric countries, February is the coldest month of the year.”

Bimou3zam belden 2al koutoub 2al shamali, shaher shbat you3tabar 2abrad shaher bel sene.

.بمعظم بلدان القطب الشمالي، شهر شباط يعتبر أبرد شهر بالسنة

“I have two weeks of vacation in February. Where do you want to go?”

(m) 3ande jema3ten fersa bi shaher shbat, wayn badak trouh?

(f) 3ande jema3ten fersa bi shaher shbat, wayn badik trouhe?

عندي جمعتين فرصة بشهر شباط ، وين بدك تروح؟ (m)

عندي جمعتين فرصة بشهر شباط ، وين بديك تروحي؟ (f)

“Today is February 1st.”

2al yawm 2awal shbat.

.اليوم أول شباط


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