“First” (1st) in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “First” (1st) is written using the Latin script as:


Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

Listen to this word pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“The apartment is on the first floor.”

2al she2a bel tabe 2al 2awal.

.الشقة بالطبي الأول

“I’ll take the stairs to the first floor.”

Rah 2etla3 3al tabe 2al 2awal 3ala 2al daraj.

.رح اطلع عالطابي الأول على الدرج

“I’ll stop in there first, then head home.”

Rah 2ou2af honik bel 2awal ba3den deghre 3al bet.

.رح اوقف هونيك بالأول بعدين دغري علبيت

“This is my first time renting a car.”

Hayde 2awal marat b2iste2jar siyara.

.هيدي أول مرة بستأجر سيارة

“Do you want to take the first bite?”

(m) Betheb tekhod 2awal lakme?

(f) Bethebe tekhde 2awal lakme?

بتحب تاخد أول لقمة؟ (m)

بتحبي تاخد أول لقمة؟ (f)


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