“Good job!” in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “Good job!” (the expression used to acknowledge someone for a well-done activity) is written using the Latin script as:

(m) 3afek!

(f) 3afeke!

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

!عفاك (m)

!عفاكي (f)

Listen to this phrase pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“Good job on the exam!”

(m) 3afek bel fahes!

(f) 3afeke bel fahes!

!عفاك بالفحص (m)

!عفاكي بالفحص (f)

“You scored great! Good job!”

(m) Jebet 3alemet 3alye! 3afek!

(f) Jebte 3alemet 3alye! 3afeke!

!جبت علامات عالية! عفاك (m)

!جبتي علامات عالية! عفاكي (f)

“You arrived early. Good job!”

(m) Jit bakit. 3afek!

(f) Jite bakir. 3afeke!

 !جيت بكير. عفاك (m)

 !جيت بكير. عفاكي (f)

“What a beautiful drawing. Good job!”

(m) Shou hal lawha helwe. 3afek!

(f) Shou hal lawha helwe. 3afeke!

!شو هاللوحة الحلوة. عفاك (m)

!شو هاللوحة الحلوة. عفاكي (f)

“I heard you hiked to the top of the mountain yesterday. Good job!”

(m) Sme3et 2enak mshit lakme 2al jabal 2emberih. 3afek!

(f) Sme3et 2enik mshite lakme 2al jabal 2emberih. 3afeke!

!سمعت انك مشيت لقمة الجبل امبارح. عفاك (m)

!سمعت انيك مشيتي لقمة الجبل امبارح. عفاكي (f)


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