“Has” in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “Has” is written using the Latin script as:


Using the Arabic script, it is written as:


Listen to this word pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“The residence has a driveway.”

2al bet 3ando tari2 khas.

.البيت عندو طريق خاص

“The restaurant has a patio.”

2al bet 3ando terrace.

.البيت عندو تيراس

“This city has a lot to do!”

Hal madine 3ando ktir 2eshya ta3mlo!

!بهل مدينة عندو كتير اشيا تعملو

“This restaurant has good service.”

Hal mat3am 3ando khedme jayid.

.هالمطعم عندو خدمة جيدة

“My neighbour has lived in that home for 50 years.”

Jare sekin bi hal bet khamsin sene.

.جاري سكن بهالبيت خمسين سنة


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